Women’s Mizuno Wave Tornado Review

Wave Tornado Line by Mizuno

The Mizuno Wave Tornado is the top of the line volleyball shoe by Mizuno. It is highly regarded as one of the best shoes on the market.

Wave Tornado X
Wave Tornado 9
Wave Tornado 8

wave tornado x

Mizuno Women’s Wave Tornado X

Women’s Mizuno Wave Tornado X Review

There aren’t any significant improvements to the overall shoe in this version of the Wave Tornado. It seems as though it is the same show as the Wave Tornado 9.

The color and style of the shoe has changed slightly. First, they have gone away from the shiny leather, and went with a flat color. Second, there are subtle design changes. The best part about the new Wave Tornado X over the Wave Tornado 9, is that it is now offered in an additional color.
black/neon yellow

wave tornado x

Mizuno Women’s Wave Tornado X

Women’s Mizuno Wave Tornado 9 Review

W Mizuno Wave Tornado 9 Review


Infinity wave offers impressive cushioning and durability by absorbing and dispersing shock. High traction to grip the floor. It has a ventilation system which will keep your feet cool and dry. A Dura Shield protects the toe from the damage of dragging it across the floor. Cup-in-sole designed anatomically to fit the bottom of your foot.


If you’re hitting the hardwood day in and day out, often for hours at a time. (Think long volleyball tournaments weekend after weekend) then this might be the shoe for you. The advanced shock absorption will reduce stress on your feet and joints.


Coming in at 10.2 ounces, this shoe is one of the heavier shoes on the market. This is the most expensive volleyball shoe by Mizuno. It is a top of the line shoe, at a top of the line price. It comes in only 2 colors, which isn’t a problem if you like one of those colors, but it’s a problem for people who don’t like pink or purple.

Colors & Style

A very classic looking Mizuno volleyball shoe coming in 2 colors.

Mizuno Wave Tornado 9

Women’s Mizuno Wave Tornado 9 Review

mizunow wave tornado 8 review

Mizuno Wave Tornado 8 Review

This is a top of the line volleyball shoe. It replaced the Wave Tornado 7 and has been well received by Mizuno fans.

Specifics: 10.9 oz (Slightly heavier than the Wave Lightening at 8.6oz)
The Mizuno Women’s Wave Tornado 8 Volleyball Shoe has the new Dynamotion Fit Technology. Mizuno’s website describes this new technology as a “combination of shoe technologies that create an upper that moves with your foot seamlessly throughout your stride, eliminating stress points and bunching for a more comfortable run.”

Other information about the make-up of the shoe, directly from the Mizuno website:
“Revolutionary, volleyball specific full-length Pebax Mizuno Wave® Technology providing superior stability and cushioning when jumping and landing.
Enhanced AP midsole with increased rebound and cushion durability while maintaining lightweight performance.
Shock-absorbing cushioning compound found in the forefoot.
Design technology that relieves the stress the foot naturally places on footwear – eliminating distortion for the perfect fit.”

Pros:Mizuno Women’s Wave Tornado 8 Volleyball Shoes have very good shock absorption and are lightweight. They are well constructed, durable and are expected to hold up for even the most hard core users.

Cons: Some buyers report the shoe being too narrow, or running small. This is often a debatable topic as other people report the shoe being true to size. Your best bet is to try on a pair of Mizuno’s and see how they compare to your current shoes. If the in-store shoes are too tight, order a larger size online. Other cons to this shoe include price, as the Tornado 8 is one of the priciest shoes on the market, and the fact that it has a very small selection of style and color.

Mizuno Women’s Wave Tornado 8
With a rating of 4.5 out of 5, you’ll definitely want to consider the Mizuno Wave Tornado 8 as one of your next volleyball shoes.

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