Why doTERRA’s DigestZen blend is one of my top 5 favorite oils! Review

Why doTerra’s DigestZen blend is one of my top 5 favorite oils!
Written by Abby Tompkins

I started selling dōTERRA products not even a month ago, I’ve always been open to trying essential oils for more than their aromatic properties but I never knew where to start, what brand to buy or which oils to purchase.

I was on Facebook (like I am way too often) and saw my cousin talking about dōTERRA. I asked her a few questions about the oils and she mailed me some samples all the way from Oklahoma!! She was very sweet to do that and after only having them for a couple days, I called her up and signed up for the wholesale account and purchased a kit. I was only planning on using it for personal use but after I got my kit, I realized how amazing the oils are and how quickly you can see results. I became addicted to essential oils and learning more about them!

The main reason I became so quickly pro-dōTERRA is because of a blend called “DigestZen”!
You know what is horrible? Feeling nauseous, I can’t stand it and unfortunately I feel nauseous fairly often, either from indigestion, stomach bug or over eating. :) It seems like it happens to me FAR too often!

Well, I began to feel nauseous one night so I busted open my bottle of DigestZen from my newly purchased physician’s kit and applied it to my stomach and rubbed it around. Yes… I know it sounds crazy, your stomach hurts so you rub an oil on it and it’s supposed to “magically” make you feel better….but all of the sudden ..drum roll please… I started to feel better, is this for real?! Why yes, yes it was!

Another testimony I have is when my 6 year old son got sick with some bug. He had a fever and was crying and spitting over the trash can, ready to puke. Now, if you know me, I am not one who handles puke very well! While all this was spitting and crying was going down, I remembered I had my DigestZen, so I ran and grabbed it. I rubbed it directly on his stomach and on the bottom of his feet. Within 1-3 minutes he was feeling so much better, the crying had stopped and so had the leaning over the trash can (and the panicky mom syndrome.) The oil lasted about an hour for him and he was over the trash can doing the same thing, so we did the same DigestZen routine and by golly we had no puke that night! Yay!!

It’s one of my favorite oils to share because people get almost instant results, because one minute they’re nauseous and the next minute they aren’t!

Sounds crazy but if you just read the ingredients in the blend and know that in essential oil form you’re getting some really potent stuff known to help stomach issues, it all makes sense. How awesome!

It is one of my top 5 oils I make sure to never run out of.

Here is some information on DigestZen.

Ginger, peppermint, caraway, coriander,tarragon, fennel and anise.

Why you would use it:
Acid reflux
Crohn’s disease
Also works great to break up a stuffy nose!
How to use:

Apply directly on to stomach, or bottom of feet (gets in to your blood system fast), take a couple drops internally followed by water, or add to your water and drink it. If you can’t handle the taste, put a couple drops in a capsule. If you have a stuffy nose apply it near your nostrils (but not in them!) If the oil is sensitive on your skin, dilute it with a carrier oil (olive oil, coconut oil).

If you have any questions feel free to ask me, I love to talk about these awesome oils!

And of course if you’re interested in purchasing oils or interested in getting wholesale prices just visit my website to ask!www.mydoterra.com/abigailtompkins


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doTERRA’s DigestZen
Reviewed by Abby Tompkins on
doTERRA’s DigestZen for digestive relief.
If you suffer from digestive aliments, check out the DigestZen Blend. It is known to help relieve upset stomach, acid reflux, indigestion and so much more!
Rating: 4.8
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4 Responses to Why doTERRA’s DigestZen blend is one of my top 5 favorite oils! Review

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  2. #doterraleadership says:

    Thanks for sharing! I use DigestZen all the time to help with my acid reflux.#oils4everyone

  3. #doterraleadership says:

    That’s awesome! Digestzen is on my list of top 5 oils too! #oils4everyone

  4. sandra says:

    just tried the DisgestZen for nausea… and it has been 20 minutes… still nauseated… is there another suggestion for nausea?

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