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volleyball hitting percentage app

If you play volleyball, stick with me for a few minutes so we can talk about the hitting %.

Hitting percentage is a number we (coaches, fans, players) use to determine how good an athlete is at scoring points for their own team vs scoring points for the other team. In order to get a hitting percentage, you need to know how many kills you have, how many errors you have and the total number of times you hit the ball in a set/match/season.

This parts boring, but important:

To calculate your percentage you take your kills and subtract your errors. Then take the new number and divide it by the total number of attempts you have.

Example: 5 kills, 2 errors, 10 total attempts.
5 – 2 = 3
3 / 10 = .300

We drop the decimal point and call this a “300” hitting percentage. (which is quite good!)

So, what’s a good hitting percentage?

Here are the numbers for a really good hitting percentage by position (numbers vary by the level of play):

Outsides: .250 +
Middles: .350 +
Right Sides/Opposites: .300 +
Setters: .500 +

You might not have realized that setters are judged by a hitting percentage too! If you’re a setter, your job is to set your team up to score. Most of the time this means you are setting your hitters. However, sometimes, you want to tip and score on your own. Great setters know when to tip and how to do it so they score and keep their hitting percentage nice and high.

Outsides tend to have a lower hitting percentage. They usually get set the most and they are the outlet hitter for play that starts with a bad pass. If you’re getting a lot of sets, and they’re not all perfect, then it becomes more difficult to score. So outsides are not expected to have the same hitting percentage as a middle.

Middles end up getting the best sets most consistently so they are expected to have a higher hitting percentage than anyone else on the team.

Opposites (or right sides, whatever you want to call that position) have lower hitting percentage because they usually don’t get as good of sets. Back sets are more difficult and hitting on the right side can be a difficult task for a right handed player.

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