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Know the Volleyball Rotation Rules Like Champ

If you’re like me, learning the rules of overlap probably wasn’t on your bucket list. I learned the volleyball rotation rules as a player first. Actually first, I memorized where the coach told me to go 🙂 but then I learned the actual rules behind rotation. (What? You mean there are more to the rules than don’t go anywhere until the server contacts the ball?)

Once I became a coach, I found the “why” behind the various rotations we use back in the day. Now, I want to teach you the why. Each team should carefully consider their plan for a rotation. You should keep all your athletes in mind. Play to their strengths, and hide their weaknesses. In this book, I aim to teach everyone from the complete beginner (are you a teacher who got roped into coaching?) to the much more experienced players and coaches who are trying to gain a better understanding of the rules of overlap.

This is a great, quick read for understanding volleyball rotations, which I have struggled with. There are diagrams laid out on how to manage the rotations without giving up points or being called for being out of position. Very clear and insightful.” B. Matthews

volleyball rotation rules

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The author allows you to get up to speed on the rules of overlap between positions on the court. The book then expands on the various positions of each person for various defenses in each offensive system (4-2, 6-2, 5-1). Libber play and positioning is also discussed.”

Excerpt from the book:

“Coaches, it’s important to understand and implement rotations that will benefit your team.  Each rotation does not work for each team.  Some rotations will need to be tailored to specific needs and abilities.  There are a few standard rotations that are used which we will go over in detail. 

 Even after you understand the rules, teaching the rules to your team can be daunting but you’ll find tips for that later in the book.   If you have been using a simple rotation, and you’re here looking for a change, understanding the rules can be eye opening and may spark a new idea you hadn’t considered.

Volleyball players, this book is meant to give you a clear understanding of the rules of rotation and overlap.  Some coaches don’t explain the rules, and instead, teach players to memorize positions. While this method works, it leaves the athlete stuck in a specific spot on the court.  If you spend the time to learn the rules, you will gain freedom in your position and this will transfer into better serve receive.

Read on to get ideas about setting up your own rotation, learning how to coach rotation, learning the rules of overlap and[…]”

Excerpt From: Jayme DeHart. “Understanding and Implementing Volleyball Rotations.” iBooks.

“This is one of the best explainations of the rules of overlap in volleyball that I have come across! It is written well and is easily understandable. The concepts are broken down and could be taken to many levels of volleyball practice and be immediately applicable. I highly recommend this guide to any aspiring volleyball coach or player who is struggling to teach and/or learn volleyball rotation.” – T. Secoy

volleyball rotation rules

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Buy now to gain in depth knowledge of the volleyball rotation rules and how to maximize them to benefit your team. It doesn’t matter if you’re a coach, or a player, this book is here to help.

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