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I'm Jayme

I’m Jayme, and I built this website in order to share of my passions with the rest of the world. I am a volleyball coach, a player and an entrepreneur. I am also the mom of 2 awesome girls. My husband isn’t as into volleyball as me and the girls, but nevertheless, you’ll see him at most our home games.

So anyway, I’m obsessed with volleyball. Ok, that might be an understatement. I seriously love volleyball and all things volleyball. You’ll find this website full of volleyball stuff and I’ll never run out of things to talk about.

I also love books and learning. I post reviews mostly to remind myself about what I’ve read and how I felt. (I have a horrible memory.) I find that reading is one of the most underappreciated things we can do in our lives and it’s a shame that I can’t convince every person in the world, just how valuable reading is. Unless you’re a reader, you just can’t see what you’re missing, and it’s not just stories.
Cowboys Blanket
The third thing you’ll find on this site is crafts. I don’t craft as often as I’d like but I’m a big proponent of doing things myself. My sewing machine gets a decent amount of use and my hot glue gun is always readily available. I sell some of the stuff I make on Etsy, but I also make stuff just for my family. You can see some of my stuff in the craft section of my website.
I live in the most beautiful place in the world, and during the summertime, I love being outdoors, hiking and biking and enjoying the sun. If you’re interested in learning more about Straight From DeHart and what we offer on the website, visit the Start Here page.

Before I say goodbye, I want to share pictures of my wonderful family:
These are my girls:

This is my husband, Steve. He is the best Life Coach in Alaska. 🙂

Thanks for stopping by!!


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