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I’m Jayme, and I’m the owner of Straight From DeHart. I’ve got the best three jobs in the world, being a full time mom, a volleyball coach and a blogger. As you’ll quickly realize, my three jobs (passions) often merge, weaving together my awesome little life. If you want to know more about me, head over to my About Me page. If you’re more interested in the things I can provide on my blog, read on.
If you’re here because you’re a volleyball enthusiast like me, you’ll want to check out the Volleyball Page. From there you can see all the volleyball topics I write about, including the most popular pageThe Volleyball Quiz. If you’re interested in the math of volleyball, visit the Volleyball Speed of Travel Page.
Starting in May, we will be opening registrations for the highly popular Fantasy Volleyball League. Followed later in the summer, by our second season of Volleyball Podcasts.
Now, maybe you’re actually a volleyball player, looking for gear. Well, you’ll want to go to the Shoe Review page. Currently, I’ve only done reviews on women’s shoes, but a men’s section is coming soon! You’ll notice that some of the links in the review section are affiliate links to amazon. I do earn a commission if you buy from them, but it is at ZERO additional cost to you. Thanks for buying! You’re supporting my volleyball addiction. 🙂
Are you a beach player who doesn’t need shoes? You might need sand socks, to protect your feet from the heat! (Or if you’re in Alaska, you might need them to protect from the gravel!)

volleyball socks
If you’re a photographer and you’re about to go take your first volleyball pictures, you may want to glance through the volleyball galleries on my site to get an idea of what pictures and angles you like the best.
Finally, if you’ve got a mini volleyball player in your house, be sure to visit My Etsy Shop, My Little Athlete where we sell kneepads, balloon volleyballs, jerseys and more.
If you are a coach, and in need of a stat program, check out the one I created, here. Volleyball Stat Program

I advocate for the use of doTERRA products. You can read some of my reviews, by visiting the doTERRA Essential Oils Review page. You can buy oils directly from that page, or email Abby, a consultant at They are a natural way to stay healthy and happy.
I often write reviews of books I’ve read. If you want to see the collection of reviews, and my ratings for each book, you’ll want to check out my Reviews Page. I’m on a mission to read 1000 books in my lifetime, (I better pick up the pace!) and I want to share those experiences with you.
Thank you for visiting my site! I appreciate your time and hope you find something useful and fun. If you have any questions, feel free to email me at

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