Asics Gel-Domain 2 Review – Women’s Volleyball Shoes

The Asics Gel-Domain 2 Review

There are many shoes in the Asics Gel-Domain line. Right now, we are going to focus on the Gel-Domain 2, although it should be noted that all the Gel-Domain shoes have very good reviews.

Asics Gel-Domain 2

The Ascis Gel-Domain 2 Volleyball Shoe is a solid, introductory level volleyball shoe. It is often used by other cross training athletes, and it’s well liked by people in careers who spend all day on their feet.


Personal Heel Feet technology – Provides 2 layers of memory foam which will adapt and mold to your foot the more you wear them.
RhynoSkin Upper – This is a tear-resistant leather which increases the shoe’s durability and length of wear.
NC Rubber® Outsole – A more natural rubber which allows for good traction and durability.


This shoe is well liked by volleyball players for its overall durability. It is said to have exemplary cushioning and arch support.


There are only a few cons reported about this shoe. The toe box is sometimes reported to be shallow, which will push down toes and make could make them go numb. Also, the shoe may run wide and as always, I recommend you go try on a local pair of Asics so you know if you need to order a smaller size online.

Buy ASICS Women’s GEL-Domain 2

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