Review of Mizuno Wave Lightning

Mizuno Wave Lightning Review

The Mizuno Wave Lightning Series has been around for awhile. It is one of the most common volleyball shoes on the market. They are generally considered comfortable, and they offer a wide variety of styles. You can read through each generation in the Wave Lightning Series, or skip to the exact shoe you’re looking for:

Wave Lightning Z2
Wave Lightning Z
Wave Lightning RX3
Wave Lightning RX2

Women’s Mizuno Wave Lightning Z2 Review

There is very little difference between the Wave Lightning Z2 and the Wave Lightning Z. The main difference is that the newer Z2 now offer a 3 layer seamless upper. This will hopefully help the durability at the top of the shoe, especially when combined with ankle braces.

Pros & Cons

The pros dramatically outweigh the cons. These shoes are considered by most to be comfortable with lots of cushion and balancing features. They are durable since they are made for avid volleyball players. They are also available in many colors. The cons are the price tag, and that it’s hard to tell what size you’ll need if you’re ordering online. Most Mizunos fit snug, but you might want to order two pair through Amazon, and return the one that doesn’t fit. (***Make sure you check the return terms and conditions by the Amazon seller.)

Color & Style

11 Colors/Styles to choose from:
Black/Blue Atoll
Neon Yellow/Black
Stars and Stripes
With 2016 being an Olympic year, check out the Stars and Strips Shoes:

mizuno wave lightning z2Mizuno Wave Lightning Z2

Women’s Mizuno Wave Lighting Z Review

The women’s Mizuno Women’s Wave Lightning Z is a higher end option by Mizuno.

Womens Mizuno Wave Lighting Z Review


8.4oz. The Wave Lighting Z offers Parallel Wave technology, Dynamotion Grove and Power + Bounce, which work together to disperses shock and providing excellent cushioning and stability. Reviewers routinely commented on the grip of the shoe which is likely do to the extra grade rubber and non-marking outsole. Ventilation system will keep your feet cool and dry and the Dura Shield will protect your toe from dragging it over the floor.


This shoe is light weight and durable. Most people comment on the comfort of the shoe and the excellent traction they provide. The style has been updated and there are 10 colors to choose from. This is an excellent choice when looking for a volleyball shoe.


Higher priced than many shoes (but not the top of the line in terms of price). Most people report these shoes fit true to size, but occasionally someone will say they run a bit small. Not sure how much that helps you other than you can assume they won’t feel big.

Color & Style

The Wave Lighting Z brings a new look to Mizuno’s volleyball shoes. There are 10 colors to choose from.

Black/Light Blue

Buy your pair of Mizuno Women’s Wave Lightning Z today.

Mizuno Wave Lightning RX2 & RX3 Review

mizuno rx3 review

The Mizuno Women’s Wave Lightning RX2 Volleyball Shoe

and RX3 seem to be very similar shoes, the only difference is a small weight variance and the RX3 only has 1 color pattern. This shoe is not quite as expensive as the Wave Tornado, but just as well received by Mizuno buyers. This is often the choice by girls who are looking for different colors, but still want the Mizuno quality.

Specifics: The Mizuno Women’s Wave Lightning RX2 Volleyball Shoe
weighs 8.6 oz. It offers Smoothride Engeneering which is described by Mizuno as a “unique approach to the sole of the shoe designed to create a smooth, rocking-chair-like transition from heel to toe on every step.” It also has MizunoWave Technology which is described by Mizuno as “wave’s unique shape dissipates impact forces away from the foot for a smoother, more cushioned feel on every step.” Lastly, the shoe has the new Dynamotion Fit Technology. Mizuno’s website describes this new technology as a “combination of shoe technologies that create an upper that moves with your foot seamlessly throughout your stride, eliminating stress points and bunching for a more comfortable run.”

The Wave Lightning RX3

weighs 8.4 oz. It also has the Wave Technology and the Dynomotion fit.
Basically Mizuno wants you to understand just how good their shoe is for jumping and landing purposes.

Cons: There are not a lot of cons reported by buyers of the Wave Lightning RX2

The few people,who do report issues, indicate that the shoe wears out too quickly. (Maybe due to the amount of mesh on the upper part of the shoe?) The only other con reported is the tight fit. As I always like to point out, this is a personal preference more than a con. Try on a pair of any Mizunos locally so you know how they compare to the shoes you normally wear. Then you’ll know if you need to go up a size when ordering online.

Pros: The Wave Lightning series is universally accepted as being a very Lightweight shoe. Another reoccurring theme is the ventilation of the shoe. The upper has several mesh covered venting holes which allow your feet to breath. Last, but certainly not least, is the color selection in the RX2 line. With nine different color combinations, you’re bound to find something you like the look of.

Buy your pair of Mizuno Wave Lightning RX2 or RX3 today!

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