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Volleyball Training Academy - Float Serving 101 from Jayme DeHart on Vimeo.

If you want to be a stand out on the court, you should start with learning the jump serve. It's the foundation for the jump floater that many people aspire to master.

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Read more about angles in volleyball:
angle shot

Video Notes:

0:00-1:19 Intro of Players
1:19-6:07 Team clips -Song: Happy
6:08-10:10 Highlight video - Song: Burn
10:10-11:10 End credits and slideshow

Volleyball Video 2014 copy from Jayme DeHart on Vimeo.

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  • Malea

    I would love to win this! I was one of your first few followers and I love your instagrams!! I’m active and my life is completed surrounded my volleyball and your insta is very helpful! Keep doing what your doing, but one suggestion is to be more active with your followers.

  • Emma books

    I want to enter this I did everything I had to do and it said that I needed to click the link in the email they sent me and I tried like 15 different times and it did not send me one email now what do I do now?

    • admin Post author

      Emma, I have entered you in the giveaway. The email could have been lost in your junk mail or something, but rest assured, you’re entered!