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I am looking for people who have stories or ideas to share relating to their volleyball experiences.

Right now, I am looking for people who can write on these topics:

Team Bonding – It will need to include some team bonding ideas and why it is important. If you have experiences to share, please do so.

Road Trips – Why they rock or suck in your opinion.

A story about your team captain being a great leader.

A story about your best volleyball experience.


Each story/article will need to be 450+ words unless you can tell an amazing story in less than that. I want you to write in your own style and voice. DO NOT write like you’re preparing a school paper. Write like you’re writing a looonnngggg text to a friend… but maybe clean up the grammar slightly. 🙂 Emojis are encouraged.

You will have full credit given to you. You can include your social handles.
I will own the rights to the article and it will be used by Straight From DeHart. Many articles will be featured on social media.

You can send me pictures or video if you think it will go with the article, and I’ll review it and possibly share it as well.

If you are interested, you can DM me on Instagram (@volleyball_challenge) with the topic you’d like to write about, or you can email me vballchallenge@gmail.com

I look forward to hearing from you.

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