Straight From DeHart

I'm Jayme, and I work with my husband, Steve.

We're born and raised Alaskans, committed to living an active and adventurous life.
Get out. Take a hike. Go Fishing. Take Risks

Welcome to Straight From DeHart.   Whether you were brought here through Google, Pinterest, Instagram or somewhere else, we are happy you've joined us! You’ve stumbled upon our main site, where you will find an outline of all our past present and future projects. You’ll find hiking, fishing, hunting and general outdoorsman projects coming by way of Steve. I on the other hand am a devoted volleyball coach, player, and enthusiasts. We may be focused in two different areas, but what connects us (other than our love, marriage, kids, and dog!) are that we are here to help you in our respective businesses! You can learn more about each of us, and our lives, by checking out the about me page.

Our Family

Meet The Fam.
Wife – Full Time Mom – Volleyball
I have a passion for volleyball, like you wouldn’t believe. Right now, I’m recruiting for the one and only Fantasy Volleyball League.
Husband – Daddio – Outdoorsman
The Girls
Emily the Oldest – Elly the Baby
Dog – Average Duck Hunter

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